Bug Jacket Hood & Pants – Mosquito Repellent Net Clothing for Men & Women – Insect-Proof Netting Suit for Outdoor Protection from Bugs, Flies, Gnats, No-See-Ums & Midges. Includes Free Carry Pouch

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Time check. It’s 6:01 AM.

Head out to the river to catch some breakfast

Then, you hear something…

While it may sound like people clapping, it’s actually the sound of mosquitoes smacked by furious campers.

A battle that never seem to end.

Do you ever wish they’d just magically disappear and fly back to their tiny insect kingdom?

TOUGH OUTDOORS’ BUG JACKET/HOOD & PANTS is here to change that.

Long-sleeved shirt and pants too hot on a summer day?

Slip this high-visibility and breathable mesh to experience what freedom feels like outdoors.

The fine, no-see-um mesh is devoid of any harmful chemicals that can cause irritation with those who have sensitive skin.

You’re also helping by reducing DEET-based repellents from coming into the water and into households.

Bringing your favorite hat? Wide-brimmed hats & similar headwear fit nicely in this generously sized head net.

These super soft & lightweight Bug/Mosquito Suit come in different sizes & package options:


^ Head Net only (Single or 2-PACK)

^ Jacket/Hood only (S, M, L, & XL)

^ Pants only (S, M, L, & XL)

^ Hooded Jacket & Pants Set (Small and Medium)


These unisex bug suits also come with multiple cinches to fasten & secure areas tiny insects might creep in to.

Stride, cast a line, hike, or tend your summer veggie garden without constraint and virtually bite-free!

Save the summer fun while saving the environment with this chemical-free alternative.

Now, grill that salmon & let that smoky aroma wake them up.


  • 🔥 FULL (NON) METAL JACKET – Bug-proof your way into the outside world. This protective Bug Jacket ensures that insects aren’t getting their hairy arms & gangly teeth onto your skin. Made with a premium, see-through mesh, the jacket deflects midges & disease-carrying insects the right to inflict welts & itch. Don’t get caught swarmed by mosquitoes!
  • 🔥 FULLY ZIPPERED HEAD COVER: Unlike other mosquito clothing, our unisex bug jacket has a fully zippered head cover for an easy access to the face. Any wearer can still enjoy eating and drinking without having to remove the entire gear! This mosquito jacket is soft and non-toxic, giving you a lot of freedom to move freely and naturally. You might even forget that you’re wearing one!
  • 🔥 ADJUSTABLE DRAWCORDS – Get all-day protection from your head down to your wrists. With our adjustable drawcords, black flies and bugs can’t find their way into vulnerable areas. Aside from keeping the bugs out, the waist cinch helps keep the jacket in place. Jump, run, crouch, paddle without fear of the jacket loosening.
  • 🔥 COMFORTABLE, UNISEX & SAFE TO WEAR – With the wearer’s comfort in mind, the no-see-um mesh netting keeps those nasty cooties at bay. We made it unisex and roomy so that you’re moving free and relaxed. There’s also no need to spray insect repellent as the netting is enough to do the job and 100% safe to wear. Ditch the DEET!
  • 🔥 CUSTOMERS LOVE US AND OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY – With over 7500 5-star reviews, our outdoor products are the #1 choice for Amazon customers. We’re so confident you’ll love these bug jacket and pants that we’ll provide a Lifetime Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on them. Beat that!

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