Amarine-made 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump 5.0 L/min 1.3 GPM 60W Self Priming RV Booster Sprayer Pump Micropump For Home Garden Caravan/RV/Boat/Marine

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Volts:DC 12V(9-14.4V)

Flow: 0.1-6 L/min

Ratedpower: 60W

Pressure : 75-102 PSI, MAX 102PSI.

Inlet/Outlet: 3/8 inch (10mm)

Product Size approx: Length 160mm x Width 100mm x Height 60mm

Flow capacity: 1.3 Gallons per minute (5.0 Litres per minute)

Product Details:

1.Built-in automatically pressure switch, when it stop yielding water, it will automatically cut off the power supply, the motor stops.

2.The motor pump can be splashed onto a small amount of water (need) clean after use, can not be directly to the water pump motor, it is strictly prohibited to pump motor to soak in the water.

3.The pump pressure adjustment screw can be adjusted freely. Before delivery pressure is adjusted, if large pump pressure, easy to suppress the burst pipe.
Adjustable screw down the screws, high pressure, loosen the screw will lower pressure. By high pressure will be current and high, affect the service life of the pump.

4.Do not use temperature more than 60 ° high temperature water or dirty water (in dirty water sicken hundreds of mud sand can cause unrecoverable damage to the pump).

5.Please select the corresponding voltage, current, according to the water pump parameters corresponding flow diameter blowholes or similar tools.
Pay attention to the water pump, water direction. Motor pump can not long placed in damp places.

  • Default 75-102PSI; Pump Flow: 5 L/min; Suction Range:3ft-6.50ft; Pump . Design with self-priming function that to prevent liquid from backflow in the pump. Easy connecting system, powerful automatic pressure pump, extremely efficient, very low current draw and offer high capacity output.
  • CUT-OFF Pressure: It can stop automatically when overvoltage, it will restart automatically when the pressure is less than standard. It delivers smooth & consistent flow at all ranges of operation, while drawing low current.
  • Easy to install, exquisite, pocket size, lightweight, large flow, high pressure and performance.;Suitable for 3 inch (8mm-10mm) hose. Support stem turn, no more than 30 min.
  • Widely used for for Garden sprinklers, shower, water taps in the boat, caravan or motor home, spray agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, bug spray.
  • The New Pump have some water inside due to factory test, every pump will undergo a rigorous test before put on the market

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