AmFor HD Glass Convex Lens Frameless Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror for All Universal Vehicles Car Stick-on Design (2 PCS) (Rectangle), 2 Pack

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1. Essential safety accessories for every Truck, Car, SUV, RVs, Motorcycle and so on.
2. Broad vision, sight effectively eliminate blind spots, increases driving safety.
3. Equipped with super strong all-weather bonding strips that keep them firmly in place. It takes seconds to install, but makes life safer forever.
4. Engineered for size and curvature for the best ratio of largest image while covering the least area on your door mirrors.
5. HD glass convex lens and frameless design, provide a best view when you change lanes. It takes off the minimum space of your mirrors but gives you the max you need.
Material: glass
Shape: Oval / Round
Package Include:
2 x Blind spot mirror
1. Please clean your original car side mirror with alcohol or some other cleaning products.
2. Determine the installation location, it is attached to the outside rear view mirror site, please make sure the blind spot mirror do not exceed the edge of your car mirror.
3. When you wash the car, please fold the car mirror, because the water pressure is very high and flushing compound may effect the stickiness of 3M tape. Car wash is not recommended within 24 hours after you install the blind mirror, to avoid damage to the viscous.
1. Clean the surface of both exterior side mirrors of the vehicle with alcohol pads or a cotton ball slightly;
2.When the surface of side mirror dries totally, calibrate the placement position where we want to put the blind spot mirrors on, before tearing the paper cover off from these blind mirrors;
3. Remove the paper covers from the adhesive backing of blind spot mirrors, lightly mount one onto the exterior side mirror in the pre-determined position. Once properly positioned, apply moderate pressure on each total side mirror for approximately 20 seconds to securely attach.

  • Easy installation: Equipped with super strong 3M adhesive and tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation. Press down HARD when the mirror is stick to the black pivot base, it is more firmly stick and will not fall off from the pivot base.
  • Adjustable and safe: With adjustable swivel mounting bracket offer better visibility, maximize your view with a wide angle. Don’t worry about if there is a car next to us while changing lanes. Increase safety by eliminating blind spots for safer driving.
  • Durable: Waterproof, rust resistant and the glass will not haze. Guaranteed durability with 3M adhesive, don’t worry about the mirrors falling off, tear off without leaving marks. Suitable for interior or exterior use,can be used as a rear view mirror in the car to better ensure the safety of the child.
  • Design: HD Glass curved ultra thin design. Flexible convex shape of blind spot mirror helps you to forecast the next surroundings when passing or changing lanes.
  • Universal fit: Universal fit car accessory, essential safety accessories for all cars, vans, trucks and RVs.

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