BougeRV RV Toilet Flush Ball Seal Replacement Flush Ball Gaskets for Dometic 300, Dometic 310, Dometic 320 – Equivalent to Part Number 385311658 (2 Pack)

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★BougeRV RV flush ball seal compatible with your Dometic 300, Dometic 310, and Dometic 320 pedal step flush toilets. Same Price, get 2 pcs! ★

4 Inch Outer Diameter.
2.75 Inch Inner Diameter.
0.2 Inch Thickness/Height.

Follow these Simple Hassle-Free Instructions:
Step 1: Turn off water supply.
Step 2: Press down the pedal to hold the flush ball open.
Step 3: Grap the underside of the old seal and pull to remove.
Step 4: Clean the rim and bowl area where the old seal was.
Step 5: Release the flush pedal and let it close.
Step 6: Clean the flush ball.
Step 7: Leave the flush ball closed. Put the new seal in and press down around entire edge until it is in place.
Step 8: Reopen the flush ball and spread a lubricant in the areas where the gasket will contact the flush ball.
Step 9: Turn on the water supply, add water to the bowl and ensure that there are no leaks.

This is a generic product manufactured and distributed by BougeRV. This is not a Dometic (TM) OEM product and we have no affiliation with or endorsement from Dometic (TM).
Our product is not covered under any Dometic (TM) manufacturer’s warranty.
Any use of the Dometic (TM) brand name and model is made solely for purposes of describing and illustrating compatibility.

  • Did you suffer for years with RV toilet not holding water? Not to worry. BougeRV rubber flush ball seal is easy to replace and it keeps the water in place and the stink out.
  • Easy installation, only been in place a few minutes. Just popped the old seal out (no disassembly required of toilet) and put the new flush ball seal in place ensuring it’s seated in fully.
  • Our flush ball gaskets are a perfect fit for Dometic 300/ 310/ 320 RV, motorhome and trailer toilets. These flush ball seals replace Dometic flush ball seal kits # 385311658. DOES NOT FIT MODELS: 210, 510 or Other Models Not Mentioned.
  • Outer Diameter: 4 Inch; Inner Diameter: 2.75 Inch. BougeRV flush ball seal is soft, firm enough to seal properly. Notice: Any use of Dometic Brand or model name is used solely to describe & illustrate compatibility of our product.
  • What you’ll get: 1 YEAR WARRANTY & Lifetime customer service. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in contact with BougeRV customer service.

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