Signstek Water Pressure Regulator Brass Lead-Free with Gauge for RV Camper and Inlet Screened Filter

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This adjustable water pressure regulator is mainly used to cut, distribution and change the direction of medium flow for water, oil, gas, etc.

1.Constructed from durable (lead free) Brass metal & a sturdy female connection.
2.Plastic coverings for safe and secure storage
Optimal performance in hot and cold environments.
3.Can be easily adjusted from 0 to 160 PSI using a small screwdriver (not included)
4.Max inlet pressure is 280 PSI
5.Simple to connect to campsite water supply, reduces water pressure and protects your filter and hose from damage
6.Features easy-to-read gauge and includes inlet screened washer

Material: lead-free copper
Connection: Thread
Applicable medium: water
Nominal diameter: DN20
Structure: straight-through
Pressure environment: atmospheric pressure
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ≤ t ≤ 120 ℃
Standard: GB
Direction of flow: Unidirectional
Drive: Manual
Thread: NH thread
Maximum psi: 160 psi

Package includes:
1 x Lead-free Brass Water Pressure Regulator

  • Adjustable Water Pressure: It can be adjusted from 0-160PSI by screw driver. Max inlet pressure is 280 PSI. Factory preset 45PSI.
  • Lead-free Brass: Made of hot casting process technology, it is tested to meet NSF lead-free requirements of 0.25%.
  • Compatibility: It fit all U.S. water sources, including 3/4″ garden hose threads and NH threads.
  • Designed with stainless steel gauge housing, it has a better shock, dust and water leaking resistance than the plastic shell gauge. Explosion-proof plug can prevent the excessive water pressure.
  • Simple to connect to campsite water supply, can help to reduce water pressure and protect filter and hose from damage.

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